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Two New ‘Prevail’ Videos Show Off Jetpacking, Using Spells, and Causing General Mayhem

I’ll tell you what, it was like an actual miracle that Johnny Two Shoes’ open-world space exploration game Prevail was resurrected about a month ago after being left untouched for more than two years. It was one of my most anticipated games back in the day, and I was pretty crushed when it looked as though the project would never see the light of day. Now, just in the past week there have been two new videos posted showing off various aspects of Prevail, and it feels like Christmas. First check out this brief video showing off how the jetpack works as the game’s protagonist gets in a gunfight with an enemy ship.

This next video is a bit longer and much more involved than the one above. It shows the main protaganist again (can I just call him Dr. Zaius? That is totally who he reminds me of. I’m just going to call him Dr. Zaius) as he gets into a scuffle with a couple of enemy ships, and once he realizes he’s outgunned, hightails it out of there and hijacks his own ship before blasting off through the atmosphere and into the vastness of space. But that’s only the beginning! After landing on a new planet with similarly hostile inhabitants, Dr. Zaius uses one of the “spells" in the game, which in this case is a fruit that causes everyone around to fall in love with him (rather than shooting guns at him).

Ugh, I need this game in my life like now! While the original vision for Prevail was for it to have tons of hand-crafted planets and a cohesive storyline with lots of dialogue, that sort of scope was just too much for the two-person team and is ultimately one of the key reasons that caused its development to stall. This recently-resurrected version of Prevail is entirely randomly generated worlds without a whole lot of story stuff, but honestly that’s just fine by me. It seems like the sheer number of things you can do and situations you can create will offer a lifetime of crazy fun. I mean, I love the stories in Grand Theft Auto, but the vast, VAST majority of my time in those games is just goofing around and causing trouble. And I desperately want to goof around and cause trouble in Prevail.

The good news is that Prevail should be out at some point this year, so stay tuned for more details and be sure to hang around in the forums for more updates from the developer.