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Award-Winning Board Game ‘Mysterium’ Coming to Mobile in December

Mysterium is an award-winning board game (d’Or 2016 Game of the year among others), and it’s on its way to mobile next month. The game takes place in the 1920s and has you joining a team of the brilliant clairvoyant Mr. MacDowell as a psychic about to take part in a very fancy seance. You then have to read a ghost’s visions to gather leads about the ghost’s suspicious death that have led to him haunting Warwick Manor. Players can also play as the ghost, who can’t talk but has to communicate with other psychics through visions and dreams (represented by cards). The ghost has to remember who did the crime, where did the crime take place, and what weapon was used.


The digital version will come with a multiplayer mode that lets up to 7 players play together, but it will also have a story mode for those who enjoy Solo play. Mysterium will launch with the story of the original psychic and will get 5 other stories coming later as free updates. The official expansion, Hidden Signs, will also be available as an IAP upon launch. The game will cost $9.99 and is planned for release in early December.