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Upcoming ‘Dynasty Football’ Combines CCG Mechanics With Fantasy Football

CCGs are extremely popular in the App Store, maybe even too popular some would say. Fantasy Football is extremely popular in real life, so FlowPlay has decided to combine the two into the upcoming Dynasty Football. What the game is bringing to the table is the real-world stats and player drafting mechanics familiar to everyone playing fantasy football and the tactics that come with playing a CCG. Players will draft a deck from more than 350 cards and then use their 30-card offensive and defensive decks to go for touchdown. The cards carry real world stats from the 2015 season, and if your card is better than your opponent’s card, you win the down.

I don’t know how well Dynasty Football will manage to blend the mechanics of Fantasy Football with those of a CCG, but I like the concept of it. The game is coming to iOS and Android soon, so not too long before we see how well it actually plays.