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Klemens Strasser’s ‘Asymmetric’ Promises to Break Your Brain Later This Month

Klemens Strasser has set out to ruin your brain with his new game Asymmetric. You control two characters trapped in two different puzzle mazes, with the trick being that each character moves in the opposite direction of the other character. That’s simple enough to understand after a bit, but the character on the right moving directly in accordance to my swipes is what’s breaking my brain. Also breaking my brain: some of the puzzles, as you have a limited number of moves to get each character to the goal spot. You will need to use the walls and other obstructions in such a way that you don’t get stuck without any moves.

Asymmetric is a fun little puzzler, and it will feature a number of characters you can unlock beyond the default blue and pink orb characters. Well, all the characters are orbs, but of different themes! Asyemmtric will launch on November 17th for $1.99, and it will be feature-packed: it boasts iCloud, Apple TV support, and ReplayKit video sharing.