‘Midnight Star: Renegade’ Is Getting a Versus Mode This Thursday

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Midnight Star: Renegade (Free), the sequel to Midnight Star, is a pretty fun and frantic shooter that tests your twitch reflexes in a mobile-friendly way. The game is getting ready to add a huge new feature this week, Versus Mode. I mean shooting running, bouncing aliens is entertaining, but it’s a whole different world putting your skills and loadout against another player. Keep in mind, though, that this is going to be asynchronous PvP.  The way this new mode will work is you fight against others in newly-created PvP arenas and earn points for your victories. As you get more points, you rise through the ranks, and your rank persists throughout the month-long seasons. At the end of each season, you get rewards and the opportunity to mock your friends.

midnight Star Renegade

I’m glad to see the developers continuing to improve the game. I enjoy jumping in Midnight Star: Renegade and taking out some waves of enemies, although I wish we had more variety in the levels, and now the Versus Mode will give me another reason to play. The update should hit November 3rd, so get ready to shoot your friends.

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