New Gadgetzan ‘Hearthstone’ Tease Goes Archeological

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We are very close to BlizzCon, which means we’re very close to the unveiling of the next Hearthstone (Free) adventure. All signs are pointing to something Gadgetzan-related, but it’s hard to tell which aspects of Gadgetzan we’ll actually see in the expansion. There’s so much that Blizzard can do with this theme that I’m really not sure what we’ll end up getting. Today, we got another Gadgetzan Gazette tease that will solve none of our questions but raise many more. The title is Civilization Comes to the City and the front page proudly advertises a world-class museum about to open in Gadgetzan. There’s talk of artifacts, gold rewards and artifact donations for the coming Mysteries of Pandaria exhibition – run by curator Madam Goya. There’s also talk of the new museum being haunted, which might be a hint that we’re getting more re-animated skeletons.


The other fan part of the front page is the ad for Finjitsu International, a school where you can learn MMA, or Murloc Martial Arts. This is the second tease about fighting and Murlocs, so I’m wondering if we’ll be getting martial artist Murlocs this time around. Overall, it’s hard to know what to do with this new tease, but I personally can’t wait to see what the actual expansion will be about.

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