‘Hunters 2’ Returns to the App Store, With iOS 10 and Widescreen Support

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Hunters: Episode One was the first real taste mobile gamers had of a complex and console-quality strategy game in the mould of XCOM, and its sequel Hunters 2 ($1.99) was beloved amongst the iOS community for improving on the original whilst retaining the compelling gameplay and stunning graphics (at the time, at least) of the series. When Rodeo Games quietly removed both titles from the App Store earlier this year, many thought the were gone for good – neither had been updated for many years, and with the onset of iOS 10, it appeared this was the death knell for the Hunters series. However, against all odds, today Hunters 2 has returned to the App Store with iOS 10 and widescreen support, as well as other minor bug fixes, which is fantastic news for any veteran gamers who longed to try Rodeo’s strategy series again on their newer devices.

Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be any support for the original Hunters: Episode One as of yet, as it is still removed from the App Store. However, even if there is still an update coming for the older game, Hunters 2 is the far superior alternative – for anyone looking to reminisce over iOS days gone by, or someone who may have not tried the Hunters series out at the first time of asking, the sequel is the best place to start. Even with a positive review back in 2012, and even more fervent praise amongst the community on our forum thread, don’t expect Hunters 2 to revolutionize the strategy genre – games that have come after it, such as XCOM: Enemy Within ($4.99), are far more expansive experiences on the App Store. However, the poignant symbolism of a game that was seemingly gone for good being updated to support the newest iOS release is at the very least heartwarming, and will surely make the day fans with nostalgic memories over the series.

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