King’s Cup, Tornado Card, and More in Next ‘Clash Royale’ Update

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Supercell is teasing the next Clash Royale (Free) update already, and we’ve got three promising sneak peeks. The first sneak peek talks of friendlier Friendly Battles with both players’ cards leveled up or down to the Tournament Rules. The second one is all about new cards. Supercell is doing what it did the last time it released cards and giving us four new ones with one new card released every two weeks. The first one to be released is Tornado, which is coming November 11. There’s a Legendary in the mix too, but that one will be the last card to come to the game, so they’ll be some waiting. I do hope we get some fun cards in lower Arenas too because newer players need new toys, too.

The last one is all about a new Special Events mode, which feels a lot like Hearthstone Arena mixed with Tavern Brawls. They will appear occasionally, and the first one will be the King’s Cup. In this event you’ll get a random themed deck to play with. Sounds like great fun and a great mode for people who don’t have a great collection.

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