‘Feral Fury’ 1.0.1 Update Brings New Items, Features, and Tweaks to the Roguelike Shooter

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Skandivania Games’ Feral Fury ($4.99) is a good pickup if you have been waiting on Binding of Isaac to hit iOS, as it’s a similar kind of top-down, roguelike dual-stick shooter. The team is currently tweaking the experience, though, with some new features being brought to the title. It’s a little easier now as the starting HP for players (not in New Game+) has been increased. Boss encounters are now randomized, and there’s a new stage and boss. A new fire effect has been added, along with destructible crates.

A chest is now guaranteed on each stage, and 60 new items are in play, with various helmets, scrolls, and drones now available. Vending machines for HP and keycards can be found, too. If you’ve been wondering how to unlock stage 5, that’s now a bit less cryptic. A new weekly daily run leaderboard has been added in. Sadly, it doesn’t look like brightness has been cranked up, which is my number one request for this game – it’s way too dark! The 1.0.1 update with all these new tweaks is rolling out right now – be patient if it’s not quite available yet.

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