TouchArcade Will Be at Melbourne International Games Week 2016

There’s a whole ton of stuff going on in Australia as far as mobile game development is concerned, and I’ve always heard from developers about how I’ve got to come out there some time… But, thanks to the Australian government’s Invest Victoria program, the powers that be are flying me out to the land down under for Melbourne International Games Week. I’ll be most focused on GCAP and PAX Australia, but I’ll be around for other stuff too during the week.


If you’re an Australian game developer who wants to meet up, I’d love to see what you’re working on. I’m thinking the best way to contact me is via sending me a Twitter DM (which I’ve got open to everyone) to @hodapp. I’m really not sure what cellular connectivity is going to be like for me just yet, and being away from home always makes my email a disaster, so, yeah. Twitter DM all the way.

I’ll be in town from Monday morning to Sunday night, and would love to meet up with as many Australian game devs as possible. So, if you’ve always wanted to get your new, cool, or otherwise upcoming game on TouchArcade and you never had the opportunity to get out to meet us at GDC or E3, here’s your chance!