‘The Quest’ Finally Releases on Android After All These Years

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Redshift Games has been working on their RPG series The Quest for a long time – we’re talking the Palm OS days here, people – with several different expansions for the game releasing over the years. There was the recent massive revamp/overhaul release The Quest HD ($7.99) on iOS and desktop. Now, The Quest‘s modern remaster has finally hit Android in its HD version for tablets and phones. The sense I’m getting from Android fans is that a lot of people have been wanting this for some time now, so go and be happy, Android gamers!

Expect expansive first-person adventuring and dungeon-crawling, with a huge open world featuring a ton of quests, and some interesting user choices to make. Shaun Musgrave’s review of the iOS version is well worth reading. While there are several expansions to the original The Quest, the HD versions haven’t hit mobile yet, though hopefully with this Android version now done, players can get hope to get their hands on them soon enough!

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