Nintendo to Only Release Four, Not Five, Mobile Games by March 2017

The word has been for a while now that Nintendo was planning on releasing five mobile games before the end of financial year 2016, which runs through March 2017. We’ve known about four of them – Miitomo (Free), Super Mario Run, and the mysterious Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing games. But with Nintendo’s semi-annual investor reports happening on October 27th, an interesting detail was picked up on: the fifth unknown game, which has yet to surface, will not release by the end of FY 2016, with only four games listed in Nintendo’s immediate future:


We haven’t even seen Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem, so it’ll be interesting to see if they even make March 2017, and what form they take. Also, being upset about this is kind of splitting hairs, I suppose – Pokemon GO (Free) is a legal-rights quagmire but technically a Nintendo game, so you’re still probably getting 5 games from Nintendo on mobile by March, where you probably didn’t realize that you were getting 6.