Freebie Alert: Fun Castle Defending Game ‘Warcher Defenders’ Free for Halloween

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At the end of May, developer Ogre Pixel released their charming castle defense game Warcher Defenders (Free) to the App Store, and if you missed out on it previously at its nearly-free price of 99¢, you can now grab it for all-the-way-free as the game is currently on sale for Halloween. Warcher Defenders has you defending your castle on the left of the screen as all manner of creepy enemies approach from the right. Your initial character is an archer so you’ll be firing off arrows to dispatch enemies and there’s a few different platforms attached to your castle which you can jump between, as enemies not only attack from the ground but from the air too. As you play you can also buy items from a shopkeep and upgrade your character’s abilities, and both the look and the progression of Warcher Defenders reminds me a lot of one of my other all-time favorites, Slayin ($0.99). That right there should be enough incentive for you to give this one a download.

In addition to the archer, you can also unlock a wizard who has special magical attacks and a warrior who specializes in melee attacks, both of which significantly change up the strategy of the game. There’s a full story-based campaign to play through as well as unlockable arcade and boss rush modes, so this one will certainly keep you busy for quite some time. There is IAP to buy the in-game currency in order to unlock things faster, but it’s entirely optional and there’s no ads or timers or anything like that to sully the otherwise great experience. Warcher Defenders really is one of those fantastic games that’s largely flown under the radar, so for free, you really can’t go wrong checking it out if you haven’t done so previously. You can find even more information and discussion about the game by visiting our forums.

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