Nintendo Switch Reportedly Has 6.2″ 720p Touchscreen and IR Sensor

One of the great mysteries surounding the Nintendo Switch is whether the hybrid portable-console will have a touchscreen or not. The reveal video didn’t show anything using the touchscreen, which made folks think that “hey, maybe this doesn’t have a touchscreen!" Nintendo’s been noncomittal about it too. But Eurogamer has reported that their sources indicate that the system will indeed have a touchscreen. And if you doubt the report, note that Eurogamer’s sources pretty much nailed every single detail about the system three months in advance. The touchscreen would make sense – it would make using the interface on the go and with controllers detached possibly easiser, as well as potentially enabling mobile-style games on the Switch.

Along with the existence of a touchscreen, Eurogamer is reporting that the screen will be 6.2" and 720p. The 6.2" is smaller than the Xperia Z Ultra that I used to carry around and was…technically pocketable? Oh, and this touchscreen will be capacitive – death to styluses! The right-hand JoyCon detachable controller is expected to have an IR sensor that would work with the Switch’s dock, that could replicate touchscreen functionality in a rudimentary form. The official reveal in January is sure to be interesting, unless sources leak everything that happens beforehand!