Nintendo Switch Details Will be Revealed on January 13th in Japan

There’s not a whole lot that we know about the Nintendo Switch (formerly codenamed the NX) quite yet beyond the video reveal’s details: namely that the system will have a dock for home usage along with portable usage, detachable controllers that can work in multiplayer, and Nvidia internal hardware. However, Nintendo has revealed when they will be showing off more of the Switch: January 13th, 2017 in Japan, though it will be on the 12th in the US. The presentation will be streamed live, and according to a translation of the Japanese announcement by our Shaun Musgrave, they will reveal the price, software lineup, and launch date of the Switch at this event. The two days after the announcement will have public demos at Tokyo Big Site.

While January 12th feels like it’s a long, long ways away, what with it being in 2017, that’s just about 11 weeks from now, not discounting the possibility of leaks and other reports coming out about the system. This has major potential to shake up the gaming industry one way or another, so stay tuned for more on the Nintendo Switch.