‘Pocket Mortys’ Gets Rick Customizations and 8 New Mortys

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The fantastic Pocket Mortys (Free) (which is still probably the best Pokemon game you can get on mobile), has been regularly updated with new stuff since its release. Now in version 1.7, the game now boasts Rick customizations. Visit Salesman Rick to buy some new outfits for yourself. There’s more to life than just wearing a white lab coat. But of course, there’s new Mortys to be had, including a red cup Morty, and a few spooky Mortys:

Adult Swim et al are doing a great job at maintaining and updating Pocket Mortys, for sure – the game got new Mortys last month, for example, and a tournament mode was added a few months ago as well. And this is all before Season 3 of Rick and Morty has aired, so hopefully those episodes will lead to more great content for Pocket Mortys.

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