An Update for ‘Pocket Mortys’ Is Landing Tomorrow, With Some Bizarre New Mortys to Collect

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Even though the wait for the third series of Rick and Morty grows more and more excruciating by the day – and BoJack Horseman is threateningly close to overtaking it as my favourite animated series at the moment – Pocket Mortys (Free) has remained strong, with constant support in the form of free content updates. The last substantial update to the Morty collecting simulator added a massive new tournament mode on the single player side of things, as well as a whopping twenty eccentric variations to collect, which only continued to elevate Pocket Mortys beyond its original inception as an entertaining and unashamedly Pokemon influenced piece of fan service, to a truly expansive experience, all for the price of zero dollars. Today, the series creator Justin Roiland hinted at yet another new update hitting Pocket Mortys tomorrow, with a Pirate Morty, a Beach Hipster Morty, and most amazing/shocking of all, a Summer Morty, which I cannot wait to collect.

Apart from new Morty variations, there doesn’t appear to be any indication of other new content, and while we’ll most likely have to wait until tomorrow to see, it seems unlikely that any major additions such as online play will be added, but that’s the way the news goes! That being said, based on the precedent set in other updates for Pocket Mortys, I’d expect at least 10 new Mortys to painstakingly capture, and if they’re as creative as the Summer Morty, I’m really excited to see what bizarre variations that could be encountered in the game. More free content for an already extremely generous free title is fantastic to see, and it’s incredible that tie in games such as Pocket Mortys can be so fun to play, and represent the series its based on in the best possible way. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub indeed!

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