Creepy ‘Rusty Lake Hotel’ Is On Sale for the First Time

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As we wrote about earlier today, Rusty Lake has released its second premium game, Rusty Lake: Roots, and so far players in our forums are really liking it. Before there was Roots, there was Rusty Lake Hotel [appprice url="“], an equally creepy adventure game that has also been met with acclaim. Now, you can get your hands on it (if you so dare) for 50% off its normal price for the first time ever. And if you like horror or just a sense of uneasiness, you should jump on this one. Rusty Lake Hotel comes with 6 creepy rooms filled with quite interesting brain teasers all wrapped up in a suspenseful story about 5 weird dinners and the hotel’s intriguing guests and staff.

I mean, just watch the trailer above; do you need any more evidence about the way Rusty Lake manages to create a sense of uneasiness and foreboding? If you’re looking for a creepy game in time for Halloween, go buy Rusty Lake Hotel while it’s on sale.

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