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Upcoming RPG ‘Revenge of the Orc’ Looking for Testers

Do you want to be part of the Horde and take revenge on everyone and everything around you? Revenge of the Orc will let you do just that. This upcoming game is an RPG that has you playing as a surviving member of a devastated Horde that couldn’t stand up to the evil Titan and his Evil Legion. As you can see from the trailer below, the game has you going around slaying everything in sight all the while using various attacks, skills, and potions. There are also huge bosses you’ll have to take down along the way. The game looks pretty good, too, and don’t be confused by the interface; the game is coming to PC as well.

The developers are seeking for beta testers in our forums, and each beta tester will get in-game rewards as a thank you. The beta is scheduled to start in December, but if you do want to join the beta, I wouldn’t wait too long to sign up. Head over to the forum thread to sign up and talk to the developers.