New ‘Hearthstone’ Patch Changes Murlocs and Adds Daily Quests

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If you like playing Murloc decks, you better read the notes for the upcoming Hearthstone (Free) patch since those little rascals will see one major change. Normally, Murloc cards buff all other Murlocs, including those of your opponent. That will no longer be the case since from now on, your Murlocs (like Grimscale Oracle for instance) will only buff your Murlocs. Blizzard is making this change to improve Murloc mirror matches. Yogg-Saron will also now apply Overload effects when it casts a spell with Overload, and some other cards have been changed as well. And if you like playing Arena, you’ll see Karazhan cards at the same frequency as other card sets from now on. You can see all the bug fixes here.

The other major change is the addition of 35 new quests, which should help you get more coins. There are quests that force you to use 30 class cards, or 20 Beasts, 10 Pirates, and so on, all of which should give you a reason to build quest-specific decks. You can check out the new quests over at HearthHead. The update is live on PC, so it should be coming to mobile soon.

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