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Eden Games’ ‘Gear.Club’ Hits Mobile Worldwide on October 27th

Eden Games’ Gear.Club, which has been in soft launch, and the even more elusive “available worldwide on Apple TV" launch period, finally has a release date for when it’ll be available on a platform people actually own and use for games. October 27th will see the iOS version of the game hit the App Store, with the Google Play release “shortly after." Check out a new trailer for the game:

Formerly known as GT Spirit, this racing game comes from the studio that made the beloved Test Drive Unlimited games. Gear.Club promises gorgeous visuals, racing with myraid customizations, and the ability to build your own garage full of cars. While you’ve had plenty of opportunity to play this one ahead of the worldwide mobile launch – including on your Apple TV if you have one, but too few people are doing that. And if you haven’t played it, it’s new to you! Check this one out next week on October 27th.