We’re Getting More ‘Infinity Blade’ After All

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The Infinity Blade franchise has left a mark on mobile history, holding the title of “most gorgeous mobile game" for quite some time. I know that many of you thought we wouldn’t get any more Infinity Blade after the trilogy, but prepare to be surprised because we just got Infinity Blade Stickers (Free)! That’s right, you can now decorate and punctuate your Messages with heroes and villains from the famous franchise. There’s, of course, the Infinity Blade itself as well as the God King and Isa and even a crying troll, probably the sticker that will find most use for obvious reasons.


Infinity Blade

The pack contains 24 stickers from the Infinity Blade world, and it will cost you $0.99 to get on your phone. Jokes aside, it’s been quite interesting seeing developers respond to Apple’s stickers addition. Now I’m waiting to hear from developers about how much money they’ve made from stickers alone and whether it’s worth the trouble.

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