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‘Demon’s Rise 2 – Lords of Chaos’ Gets New Trailer, Shooting for Release in Early November

Time is such a funny thing, as it feels like just recently that Demon’s Rise 2 – Lords of Chaos was announced, but in actuality it was almost a year ago. The sequel to the Little Turn-Based Tactical Strategy Game That Could, Demon’s Rise ($7.99), has been making steady progress in those months since. We last checked in on it this past April when some new screens were released, and this week developer Wave Light Games has posted a brand new app preview trailer for Demon’s Rise 2 that’s looking pretty good. It’s brief, but it’s worth checking out.

If you’re unfamiliar, the original Demon’s Rise was a highly tactical game with a ton of variety, but being an ambitious game from a tiny developer it certainly had some rough edges. Wave Light Games updated the game a ton since its release in August of last year, smoothing out many of the issues raised in our original review making it one of the better choices for strategy RPGs in the App Store. The sequel takes the interesting approach of having you play as the evil forces in the game’s universe, as opposed to the original which had you playing as the heroes. If you’ve ever felt like being the bad guy, here’s your chance. There’s lots of additional info and screens to be found in the game’s forum thread, and look for Demon’s Rise 2 – Lords of Chaos to be submitted to Apple next week with a release planned for sometime in early November.

Editor’s Note: As pointed out in the comments below, the subtitle of Demon’s Rise 2 was changed from Path to Damnation to Lords of Chaos, and the article above has been corrected to reflect that.