‘I Am Bread’ and ‘Mr. Jump’ Now Available on Android

The one problem with being an Android gamer is that there’s some titles that just don’t make their way from iOS to Android right when the game initially comes out. Many major releases are doing simultaneous launches, but there’s still a few games that don’t quite make it to Android with much swiftness. Today, two neat iOS games from last year are finally leaving iOS tojump on to Android, with (I Am Bread]( and Mr. Jump now on Android.

I Am Bread has you playing as, well, a slice of bread. You’ll have to navigate various kitchen and household environments, trying to stay alive but also edible to turn into delicious toast, as is the dream of all slices of bread. You butter watch out. This one’s from Bossa Studios, who make all sorts of ridiculous games, so you should know what to expect with this one.

Next up is Mr. Jump, the rather popular auto-running platformer that’s one of the better, more polished games in the “impossible platformer" genre that requires impeccable timing and memorization of hazards ahead of you in order to do well. While apparently there have been over 168 million sessions played on iOS, only 673 players in total have reached the end of Mr. Jump. Android gamers, good luck.