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Zombie Rollerz, a Mix of Pinball and Tower Defense, Is Looking for Testers

With Halloween drawing near, the days of the zombies are upon us. Zombie Rollerz is an upcoming game that combines pinball mechanics with tower defense and dresses it up in fun, colorful visuals. You have various heroes you can use to power your pinball machine and fight against the zombies creeping towards you constantly by freezing them, burning them, or even making them dance. Watching the trailer brings to mind a very old game called Undead Attack! Pinball ($2.99). Zombie Rollerz, though, uses pinball mechanics in a much looser way.

If the game looks interesting, you can apply to be a beta tester in our forums. As it stands now, the game offers over 30 levels, many puzzle-type levels, 6 heroes, 2 bosses, and an endless survival mode. Plenty of content to check out, so go join the beta if pinball-tower defense blend sounds appealing to you.