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‘Lifeline: Flatline’ is the Next ‘Lifeline’ Game, Coming in Late October

3 Minute Games is no slouch when it comes to releasing Lifeline games, and not even two months after the release of Lifeline: Crisis Line ($1.99) they are back with the next entry in the “Green Series" titled Lifeline: Flatline. The Flatline subtitle actually has a direct correlation to the gameplay here, as the official PR for Lifeline: Flatline describes: “Players will venture deep into a mysterious scientific facility where Wynn has just awoken, strapped to a hospital bed, with no memory, and armed only with the knowledge that she must escape. Players must help Wynn survive through a series of difficult choices with real-time feedback from her heart rate and pulse monitors punctuating every chilling moment. Decisions have real consequences that could lead Wynn to safety or to an untimely end."

Based on that latest teaser trailer above, Lifeline: Flatline looks like it’s going for an even more creepy atmosphere than the previous games, and that should coincide well with the game’s planned “late October" release date which I’m guessing will be on or right around Halloween. Spooky! The Lifeline series is really unique and a wonderful fit for mobile, but I also don’t want to see it get burnt out too quickly by flooding the market with a bunch of different games. We’ll see how this latest one shakes out when Lifeline: Flatline hits later this month.