‘Pirates War – The Dice King’ Is Out Worldwide

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We’ve written a couple of times in the past about Pirates War – The Dice King (Free) and about the way beta testing in our forums helped the game improve prior to its launch. So, after a fruitful beta period, the game is out worldwide and you can go check it out yourselves. If you haven’t read any of our previous stories, Pirates War – The Dice King combines elements of a board game and a card game. You play as a pirate captain trying to build your own pirate crew and plunder other players. There are numerous captains, crew members, and ships, and each provide you with different bonuses and skills. Once the game starts, you go around buying, upgrading, and collecting taxes in a manner that will remind you of Monopoly.

The game allows players to pick different play styles (you can choose to defend more or to attack more for instance) and also has a great art style. The game offers single player as well as real-time online multiplayer with both casual and ranked modes. Pirates War – The Dice King is F2P and is now available worldwide.

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