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Cover-Shooter ‘Warfriends’ Is in Android Early Access Now

Warfriends, the cover-based multiplayer shooter currently in iOS soft-launch, is now making the jump over to early access on Google Play, so check it out if Android is your platform of choice. If you haven’t seen our coverage in the past, Warfriends is a very entertaining game where you try and take out the enemy player and the troops he spawns with your own troops and your trusty weapons. There are shields you can hide behind and different weapons you can use to try and get to that other player hiding behind his own shields. The fun part comes from playing cards that summon various units to the field, from plain soldiers to helicopters, drones, etc.

The game is highly competitive and has loads of multiplayer features, so here’s your chance to gang up with your friends and take out other people. The game veers a bit into pay-to-win territory, but I’m hoping they’re adjusting that during the soft-launch period. So, if you like the trailer above, go check it out on Google Play here.