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Fight Undead Bulls in ‘Morty the Matador’

Indigo Gaming is set to launch Morty the Matador on mobile, and it will have you fighting undead bulls in the underworld. Morty’s lover Rose died in a tragic accident, so Morty’s got to challenge the Minotaur Lord of the Underworld. And since he’s a matador, and said Underworld Lord is a minotaur with bulls at his disposal, this means Morty’s got to fight some bulls. Ya got to hic fight the bulls, Morty. Whoops, wrong Morty.

You’ll be dodging bulls from all directions, trying to survive as long as possible and get a high score. While you’ll mostly just be dodging them, if you pick up the sword powerup, you can turn the tables on the bulls and be an actual fighter of bulls. Morty the Matador looks like some stylish high score chasing fun, though there’s no release date quite yet.