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Cover-Based Multiplayer Shooter ‘Warfriends’ Soft Launches

About Fun, the developer of Mega Dead Pixel (Free), has announced that their upcoming 3D multiplayer cover shooter is now in soft launch. Users with New Zealand, Australia, or Philippines accounts can now download the game ahead of the global launch. They’re still taking feedback during this phase, so the game doesn’t seem to be quite ready for its global debut, but for those in the soft launch territories, or if you follow our handy guide, you can get your hands on this game too.

Warfriends is a tactical, cover-based shooter, where you’ll use an entire squad of heroes along with what are known as WarCards to fight your enemies. You’ll need to deploy troops wisely, and use units like drones and jetpack gunners to get the upper hand. The cover-based aspect along with the competitive play should make this a unique experience compared to other shooters that are out there. If this intrigues you, go check out the soft launch version, or keep an eye on the game’s forum thread for more updates.

NZ iTunes App Store Link: Link