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‘Treasure Buster’ from ‘Slayin’ Developers Releases on Thursday

Anyone who’s played Slayin’ ($0.99) knows that it’s a fantastic and incredibly fun game. The studio behidn the game at PixelLicker has yet to release a full-fledged new titles since then, but at last, their new project Treasure Buster is set to drop this week on October 6th. And it’s gonna be cheap: $0.99 with no in-app purchases whatsoever. Pretty much the dream pricing scheme for a lot of folks around here.

The game has you launching around dungeons in a pinball or Monster Strike (Free) style, using several different characters to explore dungeons and bop enemies in both Arcade and Endless modes. With the gorgeous pixel art and Sega Genesis-inspired music, along with the Slayin’ pedigree, this looks like a fun little title, and that price is hard to top. You’ll be able to check this out on Thursday, October 6th, for only $0.99. This release will be just for iOS for now, Android gamers will have to wait.