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RPG/Tower Offense ‘Tap Summoner’ Is Looking for Beta Testers in Our Forums

The upcoming Tap Summoner is a frantic real-time tapping combat game where you have to tap to summon a variety of minions to help you in your cause to defeat whatever Boss you’re fighting at the time. As you make your way through the various dungeons, you’ll be able to recruit 15 unique summoners and 45 unique minions, each with its own strengths, of course. So, as you can imagine, those who love collecting should enjoy this part of the game. In addition to trying to tap as fast as you can while also getting the right units out, you’ll be able to use a variety of special abilities to help you in your cause.

As you can see from the video above, the unit and boss art style is quite nice, and judging from all the active and passive skills I can see, Tap Summoner should require some interesting tactics. If you want to beta test the game, head over to the game’s thread in our Upcoming Games forum section.