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Zach Gage’s ‘Really Bad Chess’ Will Shake up Chess on October 13th

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Zach Gage, developer of SpellTower ($2.99) and Sage Solitaire (Free), has a new game coming to iOS on October 13th called Really Bad Chess. It promises pretty much just that, as you play a game of chess with a random assortment of pieces. Those pieces might not be very good for you, but they might wind up giving you a domineering run against the computerized opponent. Or maybe it’ll be a weird combination! Who knows, that’s the point of Really Bad Chess, it throws out the balance in the game for random chaos!

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But here’s the thing, Gage points out: this upends the game for everyone. Pros can’t rely on opening gambits, since the board has been shaken up. This is a game that allows novices and newcomers the ability to get checkmate by playing and learning the mechanics, sometimes with an unfair advantage. You’ll have ranked play to go along with daily and weekly modes to check out as you play. This sounds rather interesting, and I’m curious to check it out myself on October 13th.

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