‘Angry Birds Epic’ Has Flown Into ‘Puzzle & Dragons’ for a Limited Time Event

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All the way back in June of last year, we reported that Sonic Dash (Free) and Angry Birds Epic (Free) had crossed over, and were left with the impression that the crossover was a little forced. Yes, hedgehogs and birds are both animals, and yes, Sonic did star in Sonic and the Black Knight, an absolutely dire Wii game where the blue blur wielded a sword (not as bad as using a gun, but that’s a completely different travesty in itself), but beyond that there wasn’t much reason for the irate avians to feature. Over a year later, the folks at Rovio have come to their senses, as Angry Birds Epic is set to yet again cross over with another title – but this time in the form of the match-3 behemoth Puzzle & Dragons (Free). With both sharing a loose fantasy theme, anyone with the latter title is able to play some special Angry Birds Epic levels in the game between the 3rd and the 9th of October.

birds x dragons

In this two clash of iOS giants, you’ll be able to play new dungeons in Puzzle & Dragons featuring characters from the Angry Birds Epic freemium adventure, and also battle against the Royal Guard Pig in the special themed level that is available to try from today until the rest of the week. While it’s awesome to see a series that has originated from mobile gaming join Final Fantasy and Batman in being featured in a Puzzle & Dragons event, it is a bit strange to see Angry Birds Epic – which originally released back in 2014 – being the iteration that is used, rather than a newer spin-off title. That being said, for any fans of Puzzle & Dragons, this is a great opportunity to try out some new dungeons, but act quickly – after October 9th, these birds will have flown off to pastures new.

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