Even More New Additions to ‘Sky Force Reloaded’, Including a Prestige System, Technicians and Much More

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Infinite Dreams, the developers of the excellent shoot ’em up Sky Force Reloaded (Free), should probably change their name to ‘Infinite Updates’. Whether it’s laser raptors, as we saw in the latest ‘D Update’, or brand new tournament modes, the game has been supported impressively since launch, which even by App Store standards has been incredibly impressive. It will therefore come as no surprise that the hardworking development team have released yet another update that, while serving as a stopgap until the big addition of the new Level 13, adds a lot of interesting features that will only further cement Sky Force Reloaded as one of the most essential games within the shmup genre on iOS.

The biggest new addition to Sky Force Reloaded is the debut of a Prestige system. This new mechanic serves as a way to unlock different technicians who can aid your cause on missions and provide boosts in the form of skills and abilities. These technicians are unlocked through completing certain objectives and earning prestige points, creating a whole new metagame within the title, which will give even more reason to replay older stages and extend the longevity of Sky Force Reloaded beyond its already impressive lifespan. A new mini-boss at the end of Stage 12 will also be a lot of fun to tackle, and a new tournament stage, more elaboration on bonus cards, and customary iOS 10 bug fixes are all the icing on this plane-shaped cake. The 1.5 update is out now to download, so be sure to fire up Sky Force Reloaded again, try the new additions out, and let us know your impressions on our forum thread.

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