‘Pokemon GO’ Updated to 1.9.0, With Capture Location and ‘Pokemon GO Plus’ Incense Support Added

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While the last update for Pokemon GO (Free) added a whole variety of new features, such as buddy Pokemon and Pokemon GO Plus support, this still wasn’t enough for many fans who were still praying for an imminent addition of online trading and battling. Such inclusions still seem to be on the horizon, however the newest 1.9.0 update appears to address some smaller issues with the augmented reality app that may not be as explicitly obvious to the majority of users. In the most recent update, which is in the process of rolling out to all Pokemon GO players, Niantic have added details on the specific location a Pokemon can be caught, which will be visible on the individual critter’s stat page. Furthermore, Pokemon GO Plus support for Incense has been added, so any wild creatures encountered with the item will also be available for capture. And, as ever, minor bug fixes have been included to make Pokemon GO a slightly more stable experience.

Even though such additional features are certainly welcome, the 1.9.0 update still feels like Niantic are trying to catch up and fix features they had to remove in the initial few weeks. The capture location of Pokemon was present at the beginning of the launch, and its sudden disappearance was disappointing, as being able to pinpoint where a companion was caught was useful in directing friends to rare creatures, or locating nests for certain species. Furthermore, feedback from the Pokemon GO subreddit suggests that Pokemon caught outside of the first few weeks will not have their specific location noted, so it appears that this feature will only function on Pokemon caught after the update has been installed. Nonetheless, over two months since Pokemon GO‘s release, I’m still having a great time exploring the city finding my favourite creatures from the mains series titles, and can’t wait to see what Niantic add next to the game.

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