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Upcoming ‘Drifty Chase’ Simplifies Drifting to One Tap

When you think of drifting in video games, you’re probably imagining precise feathering of whatever button controls the gas, hitting the button that pulls the hand brake, then delicately wiggling an analog stick to gingerly slide around the corner. What if you could simplify all that into one tap? Well, that’s exactly the magic of the latest verby verb to be released, Drifty Chase. Check out the video:

The whole thing is wrapped around the idea of robbing banks and running from the police, and kinda sorta feels like if you took something like Grand Theft Auto and distilled it down to its absolute bare essence- Stripping absolutely everything except tapping when you want your car to slide around corners. Of course there’s multiple cars to unlock, different cities to drive through, and all the other expected carrots on a stick that keep you playing a game like this.

I know a lot of people groan at these kind of simplifications, but I think this sort of thing is what makes mobile great. They’re shooting for a release date of October 6th, so we’ll see how it all pans out in a couple weeks.