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One Man Left’s ‘Space Food Truck’ Finally Hitting Mobile in October

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Oh, how One Man Left had forsaken us for the greener pastures of Steam with Space Food Truck. But much like the prodigal son, the Tilt to Live 2 ($2.99) developers are returning home with Space Food Truck, which will be coming soon to iPad and Android tablets. Yes, only tablets – One Man Left tried to get their “co-op card adventure" working on tiny screens, but it just wasn’t working well.

Space Food Truck has you playing in up to 4 player games, trying to manage an intergalactic food truck, using your various cards that are drawn to help out your operation, collecting new ingredients, dealing with space pirates, avoiding wormholes, and other such things that are common to the food truck operator’s experience. You’ll be able to go space food truckin’ either locally or online, with a cool ability to pause games (with expected 1-2 hour playthrough times) and resume them either offline or online regardless of where the game started – and the game can be played online in both live and asynchronous modes. So, this seems like quite the ideal way to do multiplayer for this sort of game on mobile, and I’m interested to see how it works. There’s no release date yet, but “next month" (October) is the estimated time according to One Man Left.

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