In ‘Hackers – Join the Cyberwar’ You Hack Other Players’ Networks

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With Mr. Robot‘s lead actor winning an Emmy last night, it is perhaps appropriate that we got a hacking game today. Hackers – Join the Cyberwar! (Free), which had a beta in our forums a few months back, lets you build a 3D network architecture and refine it as best as possible. You then use various tools you can build and upgrade to protect your network and also to attack various other networks around the world. In this hi-tech cat and mouse game, you’ll have to build a robust enough network to protect your data while finding the best tools to use against others.

The game lets you attack other people’s networks using stealth or a battering ram and offers plenty of variety with security, activist, or terrorist missions. I’m glad to see hacking games becoming more popular because it is one of the most prominent threats globally. And hacking usually makes for great puzzle and tower defense games. The game is out now and it’s F2P.

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