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Check Out the First Trailer for ‘Twelve Absent Men’

A few weeks back we wrote about the upcoming Twelve Absent Men, a satirical take on courthouse dramas that seeks to poke fun at the various silly conventions of the genre like almost-instantaneous trial dates and the way the “right" side seems to always win. Now we have the first trailer for the game that gives us a better idea of how the art looks and how the game will play. You can see how you can object when you think something is not going the way you want it, how you can study various pieces of evidence to figure out who’s guilty and who’s not, and how you can get the judge angry enough to hold you in contempt.

The trailer also humorously hints at the game’s many endings, which should help with replayability. So far I like what I’m seeing in Twelve Absent Men; there’s enough humor to make it fun to play and, hopefully, clever enough cases to keep me thinking. The game is scheduled to release before the end of the year, so get ready to shout “Objection!"