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‘Manygolf’ is The 2D Race Golf MMO You Didn’t Know You Needed

Thomas Boyt’s Manygolf can be perhaps easily described as a hybrid of several different games: imagine Super Stickman Golf 3‘s (Free) race mode combined with the randomly-generated courses of Desert Golfing ($1.99), with the massive simultaneous multiplayer of (Free). That’s Manygolf in a nutshell, where you aim to get your ball in the hole as quickly as possible before other players can. Getting in the top 3 nets you the most points, though you get points for finishing well and for finishing at all before the timer runs out. Rounds include several holes to play through, with the top points leaders being honored between each round. It’s quick, drop-in drop-out play that’s a ton of fun.


You can play Manygolf on the web right now at the game’s site](, with iOS and Android versions set to roll out later this year, possibly with persistent accounts ena. If you’re interested in playing the mobile version and helping to test it out, the game’s website has iOS and Android beta signups. This game is rather fun, so I definitely recommend checking out.