‘Carcassonne’ Just Got Three Mini Expansions, and One Isn’t Even in Print Yet

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Carcassonne ($4.99) has been one of the best looking and best digital board games for many years now (and also has the best music ever), and it’s a gift that has kept on giving. Today, we got three mini expansions that will give you more ways to enjoy the game. The first one is Abbot, which brings a new piece you can place on Cloisters or Gardens (a new tile that just comes out of nowhere and lands on some of the existing tiles). You can recall that tiny little Abbot at any point during the game while still scoring points even without finishing the Cloister or Garden. The second expansion is The Old River, an expansion that was actually the first expansion ever published for the physical version of the game back in 2001.

The last one is German Cathedrals, which is the newest mini expansion, and it brings six famous German cathedrals to the game. It’s so new that your friends who have the physical version of the game won’t be able to play this expansion until mid-October. In German Cathedrals, you can place a meeple on a German cathedral to score points, and roads connect to a German cathedral give you bonus points. The expansions are $0.99 each and should breathe new life into the fantastic game.

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