‘Reigns’ Is Getting More Cards And Adventures, Game Has Sold Over 600K Copies

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Reigns ($2.99) is great fun, a great combination of storytelling, choose-your-own-adventure, and both quick play sessions yet with long-term consequences. In other words, we really like it here at TouchArcade towers; I mean the game even got 5 stars from Carter, which says quite a lot. The developer has tweeted recently that the game has sold over 600,000 copies (not just on mobile) and that more cards and new adventures are coming soon. When I was playing the game, I kept thinking how easy it’s going to be for the developer to expand the game since the Tinder-like gameplay makes adding new cards, new paths, and new adventures very easy.

The developer of Reigns, Francois Alliot, talked recently about how the game came about and how tricky – yet doable – it is for a premium game to make enough waves on the App Store to actually make a lot of money. He talks about how he needed the help of publisher Devolver Digital to ensure that the “disease" of being called a mobile game didn’t damage the game’s potential.

He points out how the success of Reigns, which came out on Steam and mobile at the same time, is proof that those “carefully erected frontiers" between devices and gamers aren’t real and describes how the fact that the game came out on both platforms was partly the reason for its success. Go here if you want to read the whole editorial, and get ready for more Reigns adventures soon.

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