‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ Episode 8: ‘A Journey’s End?’ Coming Today, New Trailer Released

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Last week we were told by the good folks at Mojang that the final installment in Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode (Free) would be hitting sometime this week, and now we finally know specifically when this week they were talking about: Right now! Or, right now-ish, I guess. The eighth and final episode of Minecraft: Story Mode, titled “A Journey’s End?", arrives today on console and PC, and should be arriving on mobile platforms as well. In fact, it may even be there by the time you read this! In celebration of this momentous conclusion of Telltale’s thus far longest episodic release ever, they’ve put together a brand new trailer for Episode 8 which shows the Minecraft: Story Mode crew going all Hunger Games to get out of their current predicament.

There have been seven previous episodes in the Minecraft: Story Mode saga, and our own Tasos Lazarides has reviewed them all as they’ve come out. You can expect the same from this eighth and final episode once he’s had a chance to run through it. Until then you can read the review from those previous episodes and Episode 8: “A Journey’s End?" should be available in the Minecraft: Story Mode app at some point today, if not already.

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