“Minecraft: Story Mode’ Finale Releases Next Week

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The journey is almost over, friends; Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode (Free), the developer’s longest series, is reaching its conclusion next week. The eighth and last episode, titled A Journey’s End?, will conclude the very entertaining series. As for the plot of the 8th episode (spoilers follow), Harper leads our “heroes" to the world of the Old Builders as Jesse and the gang try to finally go home after all their crazy adventures. However, as you can imagine, the road home won’t be that easy; instead, you’ll have to take on opponents in a series of gladiatorial games as you strive to win your freedom and save your friends. Sounds like fun, and also sounds like the writers have found another way to bring into their game numerous elements from the Minecraft universe.

The last episode will also include two more guest stars, Jim Cummings (Darkwing Duck and Winnie the Pooh) as well as Kari Wahlgren (Rick and Morty and the Fairly OddParents). So, get ready to say goodbye to what has been quite an entertaining series. And, of course, I’ll be reviewing the 8th episode just as I did the other seven.

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