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‘The Trail’ from Peter Molyneux’s 22Cans Soft Launches In the Philippines

It seems like we haven’t heard much of 22Cans since the Godus (Free) debacle and the savage interview embattled studio head Peter Molyneux had with John Walker of Rock Paper Shotgun. However, the team has not faded away, in fact they’ve been working on a new game called The Trail, and it’s now in soft launch in the Philippines. Published by Kongregate, the game basically has you walking along a trail to collect resources and to make it from camp to camp without tiring yourself out by traveling too fast and running out of energy. At camps, you can complete objectives you’ve been given, craft new items, and barter for goods. It’s an interesting mix of familiar elements with a game that’s seemingly about traveling through a gorgeous landscape, and I’m fascinated to see where this one is going.

The Trail

The Trail apparently has been up in the Philippines for a week or so now, but only recently did people discover it, which is kind of a good reason for developers and publishers needing to test but not to get discovered to release there. Of course, people will find out, as you just did! If you’re curious to check this one out, check out our guide to downloading soft launch games, and check out the forum thread for the game. Just don’t expect Peter Molyneux to do much press about the game…

Philippines iTunes Link: The Trail