New iPhone Games: ‘All Star Quarterback 17’, ‘Think Shift’, ‘Submerged’ and More

Today is the day where every man, woman, and child takes a moment to appreciate the objectively best lunch meat: Salami. That’s right, it’s Salami Day, an entire day dedicated to the magical meat. Also, something I learned today is that apparently chorizo is considered a variety of salami. It’s like I just found out my favorite lunch meat and my favorite burrito filling are cousins and I didn’t even know all this time. Anyway, game releases might be a little odd today as developers avoid the news cycle being dominated by Salami Day celebrations such as the unveiling of the new iPhone. However, we may get some surprises throughout the day as games which are shown as part of the Salami Day keynote pop up on the App Store, kind of like Epic Citadel (Free) and other titles have in the past.

Anyway, it’s a pretty scant list right now, but who wants to compete with the Salami Day news cycle?

Stay tuned for our full roundup later, where there… might be more games? Or, maybe just people mad about headphone ports?