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‘Sticker Pals’ Is an Upcoming iOS 10 Gamified Sticker Pack

Something we’ll hopefully hear some more news about today in Apple’s keynote is what’s going on with the official release of iOS 10. If you haven’t been paying attention to the various feature announcements, iMessage is getting fleshed out in a big way via all sorts of third party addons including but not limited to sticker packs. Sticker Pals is an upcoming pack from the creators of Hatch (Free) that has a super light weight loot system which will make some stickers rare as they’re distributed via loot boxes that players share, collect, and open.

Inspired by the loot sharing system in Diablo III for consoles, Sticker Pals aims to stick out from what’s likely going to be a total overload of sticker packs by adding a loot metagame to something that otherwise would’ve just been a simple set of stickers. It sounds cool, and reminds me a lot of what the (now defunct) heavily gamified to do list app Epic Win did.

Sticker Pals is going to be free with some optional IAP for “premium" sticker packs as well as having a coin system to unlock other stickers via incentivized ad views. You know, normal free to play stuff. It’ll be launching around the same time as iOS 10, so, hopefully we’ll get the release date of both things today.