‘Pinball Breaker Forever’ Gets Two New Game Modes in First Major Update

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XperimentalZ Games’ Pinball Breaker Forever (Free) did a pretty solid job at combining both pinball and endless Breakout-sttle gameplay when it released earlier this year. The game’s just gotten an update with a couple of new game modes. If you’re a pinball fan that wants something that feels a bit more like pinball, the Pinball Classic mode might be for you. It’s still not the most realistic physics that you’ll experience in a pinball game, but it does add a new layer of challenge to the game.

Next up is Nightmare mode, which employs a steeper difficulty progression as well as some new levels to take on, if you’re already hot stuff at the game and want something a little fresh, and a little intense. XperimentalZ makes some solid titles, and I’m glad to see them updating this one, and hope for more in the future.

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