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Cult Hit Flash Game ‘The Majesty of Colors’ Being Remastered for PC and Mobile

In 2008, game designer Gregory Avery-Weir released a Flash game called The Majesty of Colors to much critical acclaim. The simple pixel art game had you controlling a long tentacle of a deep sea creature as it interacted with the people and things from the world above water. How you reacted to these things was up to you, as you could be friendly towards humans or aggressive, and your actions in the game would lead to one of five different endings. The Majesty of Colors was well-received by players and critics alike back in 2008, and now Avery-Weir and his studio Future Proof Games are remastering the game for re-release on desktop and mobile. Here’s the first teaser of that remastered version.

What’s interesting is that, as the Future Proof Games name alludes to, the company’s goal is to “create games that will remain relevant for years, decades, and centuries" but most of Avery-Weir’s work is done in Flash, which has fallen out of favor in recent years. Hence the need to rebuild The Majesty of Colors, and while they’re at it, remaster the game using knowledge gained in the years since its original release. I haven’t played the original The Majesty of Colors, and have to admit I didn’t even know what it was until today, but that teaser and the premise behind the game have me sold already. The Majesty of Colors remaster is slated for release at some point this year, and is currently working on getting approved on Steam Greenlight, if you want to throw a vote its way. Once we get word of the iOS and Android release we’ll let you know.